About Lesego Platinum

Company Structure

Company Structure

The corporate structure demonstrates an effective 74% share of the Lesego Platinum Project attributable to Village Main Reef, 16% to South African Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Partners (BB-BBE) and 10% to the three communities surrounding the project.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Traditionally, companies like to focus on what can be seen – the fruit (e.g. infrastructure). Our focus is on the roots – those elements that if transformed positively impact the fruit for the long-term. We aim to positively influence schools and learner performance.

We do so by:

  1. Building with and into education leaders so that they are growing their teams of educators and their schools.
  2. Developing the educators to better serve their learners.
  3. Growing the learners so that they can perform better and make wise decisions for their futures.

In time, we aim to impact and work with parents in the community and as finances allow add educational resources into the community.

Lesego Non-Profit Company

Lesego Non-Profit Company

Growing Leaders // Principal Development Program

  • Personal Development
  • Leadership Development
  • School Management
  • Curriculum Management

69 Leaders

Growing Educators // Educator Development Program

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Accountancy

57 Educators

Growing Learners // Learner Development Program

  • Awards Ceremony
  • Winter School
  • Career Guidance
  • Career Expo

15 805 Learners